Looking how to register a domain name in Australia? Maybe it’s for your business, or maybe it’s for your hobby, whatever the reason, we’ll teach you how you can buy a domain name under in minutes with 3 easy steps.

What’s in this article:

  1. Choose your domain registrant company.
  2. Search for the domain name that is available.
  3. Purchase the domain name.

1) Choosing your Domain Registrant Company

There are literally hundreds of companies that offer the ability to be able to register your domain name in Australia. I’m going to simply recommend the one – Crazydomains. They’re cheap, and their support is amazing, since I have used them for the last 5 years.

Simply sign-up for a Free account with them and you can start the search process.

How to register a domain name in Australia

Once you have confirmed your new account with Crazydomains, you will see a top panel with all the services they offer. Simply select Domains and then Register Domains on the left side menu.

CrazyDomains choose Domains

Once you’re on the Register Domains page, there is some great information about registering a domain, including FAQs. Have a read if you have the time, otherwise skip to the next step.

2) Search for the domain name that is available.

You can either search for your company name or choose something that is more SEO appropriate. There are a few simple rules when choosing a domain name, and here they are:

  • Never more than 3 words, 1-2 is best.
  • Never use hyphens in the domain name.
  • As you’re an Australian business, choose the .com.au extension. This will tell Google and other search engines you are a serious commercial business in Australia. If you’re a non-for-profit organisation, you can search for the org.au extension.  

Once you have input your full domain name in the search, it will come up below the search box, if it is available or if it is already registered. If it’s available, simply Add to Cart.

Crazydomains add domain to cart

It will also have a list of possible ideas, and other extensions you can register. My suggestion is too simply register the one domain name, to avoid confusion. You can always register more down the track, if needed.

If it is unavailable, you may want to choose a variation of it, such as adding the city name of your business if you’re a local business, or the business type. I.e. joestyresgeelong.com.au or jansflowers.com.au

Please note, that in Australia, you will need a ABN (Australian Business Name) or ACN (Australian Company Number) in order to register a .com.au domain extension. If you don’t have one of these, and don’t intend on getting one, you can always opt for the .com version.

Once you have settled on your domain name, click on Go to Cart

Crazydomains Go to Cart

Step 3) Purchase the domain name – Domain name registration

Once you are on the cart page, it is time to finalise your order.

Crazydomains purchase the domain name

You might notice a couple of freebies added by Crazydomains to trial (i.e. Website builder and extra domains, like on the image below). If you’re not interested in those, just X them to delete.

Note, even though these features are free, once the trials end, Crazydomain might charge you for using the services.

Once you have decided to move forward, click Pay Securely.

If you’re trying to register a .com.au or .org.au domain name, you will need to provide further detail about your ABN.

Otherwise, simply choose the payment method you which to attach to the account, so that it can renew each year, and you don’t accidentally forget to pay the bill.

That’s it! You’ve now registered your domain name in Australia, and it will be ready to be setup so that you can put a website on it. Check out or Free Website design training that can teach you how to build a website in under 60 minutes.


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