This tutorial will instruct you how you can “Check Mail Now” within Gmail. Gmail gives you the ability to check and send you email from external providers (i.e. your professional domain name email). However, you might be used to receiving an email as soon as it is sent. This might not be the case in your Gmail. The reason being is that Gmail has to fetch mail from the your mail provider server. Unlike other mail systems that are updated in real time so that mail is pushed to your account so that you can view it instanlly, with Gmail it generally checks your server based on how often you actually receive an email. When you first set up your external email account within Gmail, it checks for email every hour, but as it get’s to know your email frequency it adjusts.

None the less, you might find yourself waiting for an email that was just sent. Therefore you can go and force a check of your mail now. Here are the computer instructions to do so.

1. Go to Cog (top right corner) > Settings

2. Click on the Accounts and Import tab

3. Scroll down to Check mail from other accounts section. See where your email address is listed and click Check Mail Now

That is the way that you can force email to be checked. If you have email waiting for you where it says “No mails fetched” (in the image above), if you have mail waiting it will tell you how many emails where retreived from your email server.

Gmail does not have a setting where you can change the frequency of checking if you have email. I’ve never really worried about it as I believe once Gmail learns the patterns, it is actually quite fast at retreiving it automatically. If you are however fussed about it you can try instaill a Chrome browser extension such as Gmail POP3 Checker. This extension facilitates the ability to go and check for emails every minute, if you really are in need for this, then please go ahead and try out these extensions.

If you’re looking for a tutorial that helps you to setup being able to send and receive email from within your Gmail account (using another email address, i.e. then please visit my tutorial here – Setting Up Email in Gmail on Your Computer.