By now we all know that with all the competition out there on the webnet, if you’re not a recognized brand, you are pretty much going to have to do some work to start getting web traffic. Most small businesses don’t have massive marketing budgets, so it’s best to start with the free methods to get web traffic.

For most small businesses, I would start with these 3 pillars.

  1. Social (choose 1 – 2 social channels).
  2. Google Business.
  3. Classifieds (3-5 sites).

I have discovered that these method guarantee you real visitors in as little as 30 days, and as it you build you brand, they will continue to visitors each month. The best part about it, is that its totally free and doesn’t take you too long too setup. Because that is most small business owners problems right… time to do setup things. Well I believe once you have setup the above up it can take you as little as 30 minutes per week to maintain.

To set up each channel would only take around 30 minutes, and I would aim to set up 2 per week over the first 30 days in business. There you will be able to set up and account, and describe your business and website details, and most importantly link back to your website. This is super important as one, Google will see your website as a legitimate business and get you better rankings in Search engines and two, the traffic that these methods send will be targeted, meaning that the people are looking for your type of business.

It takes at least 3 legs for a table to stand right, well I believe this is true for your business too, so be sure to start with setting up these methods of getting free web traffic to your website. Of course this is just a brief overview of what to do, if you would like to get video guides on how to setup all the above please sign up to my free website couse here.