We will teach you how to build your very own website in 60 minutes.

The Questions?

Do you have a new business or idea that needs a new website?

Are you a small to medium business that needs a new website?

When it comes to website design you may have many questions …

  • Who will you get to design it?
  • Whats a hosting company?
  • What future costs will there be?
  • How easy is it to update?
  • Can I customize it?
  • Can I do it myself?

Big website design companies can cost you an arm and leg. And the truth is that sometimes it’s like taking your car to the mechanic and you don’t have any clue about cars. They could tell you something needs fixing or you need this widget when you don’t actually need it at all.

Let me tell you… web design doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.

I took this course and designed my own inexpensive website from scratch. It really didn’t take long at all and now we are getting 20-30% of our bookings through it. Plus our website is on the first page of Google for my main keyword – Hostel Bari. Thank you so much for the free course and all your help.

David Taurianova

Olive Tree Hostel

The Answer!

After building websites for over 10 years, and also helping many others build their own websites, I realized it’s actually not that hard for anyone to build their own website.

With all the tools and resources available to you these days you don’t need programming experience, a degree or any technical know how. You just need a will to learn and around one hour to get yourself up and running.

In my free video course I’ll answer all these questions so that you understand and don’t get the wool pulled over you and get ripped off.

I’ll show you example of how clients have built their own website and got it on the first page of Google within 3-4 weeks of their website getting published.

PLUS, look over my shoulder as I show you how to create your very own website in 60 minutes.

Learn all you really need to know about DIY website design, hosting and without all the confusing tech talk.

And best of all, it’s free to start >

SAVE yourself thousands of dollars! If you have a half hour a week to spare then designing your website doesn’t have to be technically difficult or time consuming. Even if you have no experience at all, I’ll show you how you can create your very own mobile friendly website from scratch. Best of all it’s all free to start!

Roger @